Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs IN MIDTOWN - 3/8/23

 Judging by the crowd and the upbeat energy, our March 8 community meeting on Accessory Dwelling Units was a huge success. Thanks to the Midtown Neighborhood Association for conceiving of this meeting and co-hosting with NBNA! 

Nearly 50+ people from all over midtown and East Sac came out to hear from the City of Sacramento about resources they offer (such as free permit-ready ADU plans ) and how to access the city’s new ADU Resource Center. The information was offered by the city in a digestible way, giving folks a high-level understanding of ADUs, with  ways to dig more deeply for specific details.

Just as interesting were the four case studies offered by neighbors who’ve built ADUs themselves (including an experience shared by  Assemblymember Kevin McCarty!). 

Thanks to the Brazilian Center for Cultural Exchange for being an incredible host, sharing tasty Brazilian cuisine for everyone to enjoy.