Alhambra Triangle Sound

In the Alhambra Triangle area of Midtown, where U street dead-ends into an elevated part of Highway 50, there is no barrier to protect residents from flying debris and the occasional flying car.

Several times a year, as recently as April of 2023, cars crash down the embankment towards U street homes. Wayward cars routinely take out trees and bushes, and leave residents feeling unsafe walking or playing in the dead-end area of U Street.

NBNA’s Alhambra Triangle Soundwall Committee is working to fix this issue and has met with Caltrans, which is offering to plant more landscaping in the unprotected area.

While replacement tress for those destroyed by cars is better than nothing, it’s not not a longterm solution.

NBNA wants to see a protective barrier built along Highway 50 so that residents don’t live in fear of crashing cars. 

If you are interested in working on this issue or joining meetings, please email us: [email protected].