Our Mission

is to protect and preserve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by serving as liaison with the City of Sacramento, other governmental entities, local organizations, and neighborhood alliances. We do so by advocating for policies and actions that will benefit the neighborhoods. We carefully address each concern and/or interest to our neighborhood by communicating in a timely, non-partisan, non-commercial fashion.

journey our neighborhoods

 The Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association encompasses Poverty Ridge, Newton Booth, and Alhambra Triangle. 

Newton Booth

Named for the Newton Booth Assembly School, this neighborhood is bounded by R Street to the North, Hwy 50 to the South, Business 80 Freeway to the East, and 24th Street to the West.

Poverty Ridge

Part of a Historic District, this neighborhood is bounded by R Street to the North, Hwy 50 to the South, the 23rd Block to the East, and 19th Street to the West. 

Alhambra Triangle

Home to a charming collection of arts and crafts era home, this neighborhood is bounded by R Street to the North, Hwy 50 to the South, 34th Street to the East and 30th Street to the West.

In Togetherness

We foster community and assist with events, activities, and projects for our neighbors.

Connecting Our Neighbors

We create opportunities for political representatives, potential candidates, City of Sacramento officals, and lobbyists to meet our residents.

enabling progress

Our communications cover topics that would affect the neighborhoods and its residents such as: • Health & Safety Issues • Traffic/Parking Concerns • Historic Preservation • Proposed Developments • Rezoning Proposals • Recycling/Solid Waste Concerns & Private Actions


Become a Member

Please help us maintain the cultural and historic heritage of the Newton Booth neighborhoods by applying for a membership. 

Membership is open to all households, businesses, and organizations, whether owners, landlords, non-residents who own property within the neighborhoods, or commercial tenants who lease within the neighborhoods. Dues are $20/year per household and can be purchased in our shop, or by mailing a check.


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News & Events

We foster community with events, activities, and projects for our neighbors.